The following message relates to current Coronavirus outbreak which has resulted in us having to work differently as a Practice. Help us to help you get the treatment you need by following guidance.

When attending your arranged face-to-face appointment

As of Monday, 1st July 2020, your temperature will be taken before you are allowed to enter the surgery.  If your temperature is high, you will be asked to go home and further advice will be given. 

Please wear a mask if you have one, when attending your appointment.


Advice for parents and carers

If your child is unwell and you need advice from the Practice, please contact us by telephone and do not delay seeking advice if you and your child need it. 

 Further important Covid19 Advice for Parents when Child is unwell or Injured Information can be found here.


Advice for all patients

It is important that you are able to continue to access the appropriate medical services during this pandemic. We are asking patients not to attend the surgery unless an appointment has been arranged by a clinician. Please phone the surgery or book online to book a telephone consultation. A clinician will call you back. If needed, you will be offered a face-to-face appointment. In this case, please follow the clinician’s instructions that you will be given.

  • Do NOT bring anyone with you to your appointment, unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Do NOT arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment.
  • If you been asked to contact us when you arrive, please call Reception when you are outside the surgery, maintaining a social distance from anyone else. If you have travelled by car, please stay in your car, until you have received further instruction from the clinician.

Please respect ALL social distancing advice – both inside and outside the Practice.

More up-to-date information on Staying alert and safe (social distancing)


COVID-19 Antibodies - Blood Tests

The practice is receiving numerous requests for blood tests for Covid 19 antibodies.

We are happy to facilitate these being done, however, it is important that the significance of the results is clarified.

If your Covid 19 antibody test was negative. This does not mean you have not had the infection, though this may well be the case, it just shows you do not have long term plasma based antibodies. There is some evidence to suggest some people have more mucosal based T cell antibodies- but regardless, it would be important to apply the usual cautions in terms of your susceptibility.

If your Covid 19 antibody result is positive, this confirms previous exposure to the virus. As above, this does not confirm immunity and we do not know if the results are long lasting. So in either case, it remains key to continue to apply sensible precautionary measures.

We will not be able to offer you a Blood Group tests.


Advice for Diabetic patients

Download the Ketoacidosis Advice Leaflet for Type 2 Diabetics.

Please also click on COVID-19 and Diabetes Factsheet to access the factsheet produced by the Primary Care Diabetes Society which includes advice for managing your Insulin if you are unwell.


Supporting for shielding, vulnerable and isolated patients

The Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub is a free and impartial NHS service which aims to help patients and the public to find organisations and services to support their health and wellbeing needs.

You can find more information at their website.


Important message about nominating pharmacy

Please ensure you have registered a nominated pharmacy where we can send your prescription electronically. If you do not have a nominated pharmacy, we will nominate one for you. This is to avoid you visiting the practice for prescription collection.  If you do not have online access to allow you to order repeat prescriptions, please contact the surgery.


Staff and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

We are asking our clinical staff to wear PPE (face masks, face shields, gloves and aprons) at all times when in face to face consultations. This is to protect our staff and patients. If you are bringing any children to an appointment, please prepare them for this as our staff will not look as smiley and welcoming as usual.

Please respect Social Distancing requirements and follow the advice given by our clinicians.

You can wear your own mask.


High-risk and Vulnerable Patient Letters

As you may be aware the government have sent letters out to patients identified as very high-risk if they catch Coronavirus.  These letters were produced using hospital data and NOT data from GP Practices.  As a result the government announced that GP Practices will be writing to additional patients.  There has been a delay in this process.  NHS Digital & NHS England are working at identifying these patients and then informing their GP Practices so that a letter can be sent.  We understand that this delay may be causing you frustration but it is out of our control.

See information, including what advice is being given to patients who receive the letter.

We are asking patients NOT to come into the Practice unless you have been asked to attend.

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